Boogie in the Breeze Blocks

The Brooklyn duo Talibam!’s first ESP Disk’ release, Boogie in the Breeze Rocks, is a narrative earful as warped and wonderful as spicy pasta, fresh grapes and caramel crunch.  An ensemble record joining 2008’s Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute winner, Jon Irabagon (tenor sax); Peter Evans of Sparks (trumpet); guitarists Chris Forsyth from Peeesseye, Anders Nilson and Chin Chin’s Jeremy Wilms; along with Mostly Other People Do the Killing’s Moppa Elliot on upright bass; all filtered through Talibam! to make music of one voice and cohesion.  It is ensemble playing that goes beyond personal choice to capture a mood and the deep anthropology of the strange beauty of contemporary opposing and debt-maxed-out stimuli.

In a time of pre-set, auto-massage aesthetics and formulas dampening all the peripheries into a gazillion false platonic dichotomies, Talibam! pops out a boogie-set quest of delirious energy within a montage of causes and effects, failures and successes, heroes and robber baron scumbags,...

Talibam! deconstructs the message behind the oncoming jellyfish populating the waterways, analyzes the purpose of human choice and expectations. Gems of pop nonchalance tug and pull against a break down of musical morality. The international attention span crisis obliterated within the borders of a single album statement - a moral reckoning against slack albums with the same bland back beat and fuzz tone on every tune.

BOOGIE IN THE BREEZE BLOCKS captures a mood and filmic capacity to create an anthropological exploration into the strange beauty of contemporary opposing and debt maxed out stimuli. In New York City, these forces exist everywhere; punjabi cab driver food across the street from luxury loft condo scum. Talibam! wants to re-mythicize this world with an album that explores a range of emotions, genre, feel, time and space. BOOGIE IN THE BREEZE BLOCKS is a record beyond the greed of deliberate, singular aesthetic commitments. We know you aren't a stupid listener... as we ride the blues, into a chafed reggae, to polka, noise onslaught, sweetened afro pop, the epiphanies arise from effacing styles of their precious natural habitats. The stylistic adventures organize themselves into motion without remembering their initial meaning. Music has become a desert of unfortunate desolation -- single whole albums too dedicated to the sweet pop, or the groove, or the rap... the sweet and salty have over saturated the soil of the musical landscape, to the point of unfarmable, undiversified plots of historical embarrassment and destruction for future heirloom genres and approaches.

Matt Mottel (synthesizer) and Kevin Shea (drums) have been performing and recording together for six years for the sake of music, for the sake of integrating critical reevaluation into the idea of what a band and music can be. Their enthusiasm for sound and the desecration, humiliation of its conspicuous commercial applications has led to the dissolving of their own self contained borders in order to broaden their musical vocabulary and heighten stylistic shifts into an overarching manifesto on the state of music -- this critical awareness is the sum of BOOGIE IN THE BREEZE BLOCKS.

BOOGIE IN THE BREEZE BLOCKS, self produced, conceived, and edited by TALIBAM!, is an ensemble record for which Talibam! recruited the finest working musicians; ensemble playing that goes beyond personal choice and into a border that makes music of one voice and cohesion. Jon Irabagon (tenor saxophone) winner of 2008's Thelonious Monk Jazz Institute award, Peter Evans (trumpet) plays with Brotzmann, Bennink, Jim Black and leads his own quartet, and duo SPARKS. To hear Evans play with Talibam!'s energy and electro magneticism is a crucial addition to his growing discography. The guitarists on this album are bronze blasted tone. Chris Forsyth (PEEESSEYE) and Anders Nilson are guitar slingers who warp tone with both free basing noise tonality and melodic harmony. Jeremy Wilms, also on guitar, is celebrating his own band Chin Chin's debut album on DEF JUX. Moppa Elliot (upright bass) is the distinguished leader of Mostly Other People Do the Killing whom have received numerous accolades from magazines such as Jazz Times and All About Jazz.

Talibam! is proud and excited to join forces with ESP Records, of whom Talibam! have had great admiration and respect. ESP Records has smartly recognized Talibam! as one of the few contemporary bands that fully deserves to join a catalog as rich and diverse as Albert Ayler, The FUGS, Sun Ra and the The GODZ.

Talibam! have proven themselves through tireless touring (8 European tours since 2006), released several albums of critical acclaim (Ordination of the Globe Trotting Conscripts), and collaborated with exceptional musicians such as Rhys Chatham, Jean Francois Pauvros, Alan Wilkinson, Daniel Carter, PEESSEYE, Sam Kulik and many more.


Matthew Mottel - piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, glamor box oscillator, Roland Juno-1 Alpha synth, banjo, organ, Alesis Nano synth, voice

Kevin Shea
 - drums, objects, Roland SPD-S, voice

Tim Dahl - electric bass (2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11) 
Moppa Elliott - upright bass (6)
Michael Evans - percussion (4)
Peter Evans - trumpet (2, 4, 6, 11), voice (2)
Chris Forsyth - guitar, voice (2)
Jon Irabagon - saxophone (2, 4, 6)
Danielle Kuhlmann - voice (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12)
Sam Kulik - trombone (2, 4, 6, 11), voice (2)
Robbie Lee - Renaissance instruments (4)
Anders Nilsson - electric guitar (4, 6)
Mike Pride - vocals (4)
Jeremy Wilms - electric guitar (4, 11), fretless guitar (11)
Bird field recordings from "Ornithology-Shadows" by Michael Pestel & Jeroen van Westen (11)

Track Listing


Predetermined to the Master Plan

2.Ghost Cloud
 3.Slap Yr Boots On! Oysters Await
 4.Entertaining the After Beast
 5.Jim O'Rourke
 6.Schroeder Meets Jagger
 7.Not Just Any Kind of Fruit and Veg
 8.Movement of Ta! People
 9.Roosevelt Island: I Can't Do It.
 10.Mao Mix
 11.Nike Rim Johb

All songs/words by Talibam! (Talibam Music BMI)


Produced/arranged by Talibam!

Recorded & mixed by Josh Clark at The Seaside Lounge, Brooklyn
Recorded & mastered by Mitch Rackin at Tone Floast Studios, NYC
Live recordings by Jocelyn Soubiran at Zebulon Cafe Brooklyn & Joseph Frivaldi at Club Rehab NYC
Photos by Herve Goluza (cover/back) & Syeus Mottel (inside)
Producton Manager: Adam Downey
Design by Miles Bachman

Press Quotes

"...a brain-rattling demolition of the entire avant lesson plan, as those with a more academic criteria might be inclined to teach it. " - Mike Lupica, Dusted Reviews

"Ornette Coleman playing on Soft Machine's Fourth in hell... Talibam!'s brand of shitstorm skronk is grounded in more intelligent thought and dynamic group exchange than many of the more hyped transmissions from the contemporary American 'noise' underground." - Tiny Mix Tapes Dot Com

"Mottel is like Keith Emerson on a serious PCP bender, spitting out thick snarling sheets of synth buzz, spraying it like machine gun fire, melodies are tangled and complicated little knots hurled into the fray like cannonballs made out of steel string and roof nails. The sax is all over the place, adding tonal color, mad squawking, chittering chirps and deep fuzzy moans, this is a massive chaotic free for all." - Aquarius Records

"Gonzo jazz rock fusion at its most inspired." - Paris Transatlantic

Musicians: Matthew Mottel / Kevin Shea / Tim Dahl / Moppa Elliott / Michael Evans / Peter Evans / Chris Forsyth / Jon Irabagon / Danielle Kuhlmann / Sam Kulik / Robbie Lee / Anders Nilsson / Mike Pride / Jeremy Wilms / Michael Pestel / Jeroen van Westen

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