Pharoah Sanders

In the Beginning: 1963-1964

This four-CD set documents the first recordings of the iconic tenor saxophonist, prior to his well-known association with John Coltrane. Beginning with two previously unreleased sessions with Ornette Coleman alumni Don Cherry and Paul Bley, followed by Pharoah’s debut date as a leader for ESP-Disk’ and concluding with the first issue ever of the complete December 30 and 31, 1964 Sun Ra at Judson Hall concerts, Sanders's only known recordings with the Arkestra. The set also includes rare recorded interviews with Sanders, Cherry, Bley and Ra by ESP-Disk’ music producer Michael D. Anderson.


Don Cherry, Paul Bley, Sun Ra, David Izenzon, Paul Motian, Jane Getz, Marshall Allen, Alan Silva, Ronnie Boykins and many more!

Track Listing

Disc One
1.Pharoah Sanders Interview - Coming To NY3:06
2.Cocktail Piece (first var.) take 14:03
3.Cocktail Piece (first var.) take 26:00
4.Studio Engineer Announcement   0:06
5.Cherry's Dilemma4:13
 6.Studio Engineer Announcement0:18
 7.Rememberance (first var.)5:26
 8.Medley: Thelonious Monk Compositions4:05
 9.Don Cherry Interview - Ornette's Influence Pt. 13:19
 10.Don Cherry Interview - Ornette's Influence Pt. 21:01
 11.Paul Bley Interview - 1960s Avant Garde2:25
 12.Generous 1 take 1 (Setting Levels)4:35
 13.Generous 1 take 2   4:21
 14.Walking Woman take 12:04
 15.Walking Woman take 23:05
 17.Note: After Session Conversation0:37

Disc Two
1.Pharoah Sanders Interview - Musicians He Performed With Pt. 12:08
 2.Bernard Stollman Interview - Meeting Pharoah Sanders0:54
 3.Seven by Seven26:07
 5.Pharoah Sanders Interview - Musicians He Performed With Pt. 24:35

Disc Three
1.Pharoah Sanders Interview - Meeting Sun Ra   1:44
 2.Dawn Over Israel10:00
 3.The Shadow World22:08
 4.The Second Stop Is Jupiter2:17
 5.Discipline #92:27
 6.We Travel the Spaceways9:10

Disc Four
1.Sun Ra Interview - Being Neglected as an Artist2:49
 2.Gods on Safari3:43
 3.The Shadow World   6:26
 4.Rocket #93:58
 5.The Voice of Pan Pt. 15:23
 6.Dawn Over Israel3:42
 7.Space Mates2:42
 8.The Voice of Pan Pt. 28:02
 9.The Talking Drum4:16
 10.Conversation With Saturn3:51
 11.The Next Stop Mars0:48
 12.The Second Stop is Jupiter              2:13

13.Pathway to the Outer Known3:36
 14.Sun Ra Interview - Meeting John Coltrane1:04
 15.Pharoah Sanders Interview - John Coltrane3:26
 16.Pharoah Sanders Interview - Playing at Slug's/Max Gordon1:05
 17.Pharoah Sanders Interview - Closing Comments2:34 

Press Quotes

"Sanders sounds natural...maneuvering with agility and purpose, gamely sparring with Bley's Ivories and Motian's crisp cymbal patterns " 

"These sets [with Sun Ra]...are the only known recordings from Sanders' brief tenure with Sun Ra, revealing a match made in heaven (or perhaps Saturn?)... "  

-- Scott Verrastro, Jazziz


"Pharoah Sanders fans are advised to pick up this intriguing compilation."

-- Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene 



Musicians: Don Cherry / Paul Bley / Sun Ra / David Izenzon / Paul Motian / Jane Getz / Marshall Allen / Alan Silva / Ronnie Boykins and many more!

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