Alan Sondheim


Alan Sondheim was the young, exuberant leader of a pack of improvisers living in a communal loft in Providence, Rhode Island. Undaunted by attempts to categorize electronic music as the province of academic tinkerers -- a cold, unfriendly realm, with its own authorities, audiences and mystique -- they plunged fearlessly, joyously and unselfconsciously into the medium, discovering new way to express their ideas. Their ESP cds, ESP 1048, RITUAL-ALL-7-70 and ESP 1082, T'OTHER LITTLE TUNE, merge free improvisation and electronic instrumentation.


Ruth Ann Hutchinson: vocals
Chris Mattheson: bass
Barry Sugarman: bongo, tabla
J.P.: drums
Robert Poholek: cornet, trumpet
Alan Sondheim: xylophone, alto saxophone, sona, classical, electric and hawaiian guitars, English horn, bansari koto, clarinet, suling

Track Listing


All compositions ESP-Disk' Music (ASCAP).


Recorded January 1967 in Providence, RI. Production Manager: Tom Abbs. Tape transfer & mastering by Steven Walcott. Design & layout by Miles Bachman, Michael Sanzone & Fumi Tomita.

Press Quotes

"But if there is a concept here, it’s extremely simple: you never heard such sounds in your life." - Clifford Allen, Bagatellen

"sort of like Ornette Coleman for the handicapped, with a somewhat Cagean sense of non-interaction." - Weirdo Records

Musicians: Ruth Ann Hutchinson / Chris Mattheson / Barry Sugarman / tabla J.P / Robert Poholek / Alan Sondheim

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