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2018 Jazz Releases Bundle

ESP-Disk' was busy in 2018. Here's your chance to catch up with our nine critically acclaimed jazz releases at a money-saving price that’s $26.92 lower than if you bought them all separately:

ESP5010 Matt Lavelle & Reggie Sylvester: Retrograde

“Doubling on a reed can be a challenge for a brass player, but Lavelle finds a new personality on clarinet, which comes to a full boil when he spars with Sylvester during “Neptune.” On trumpet, he plays with focus and energy, bringing it back home with a bluesy delivery on closer ‘Earth.’ Retrograde might be a turbulent journey, but ultimately it’s a worthwhile one.” – Mike Shanley, JazzTimes

Retrograde, the duo album they are now releasing on ESP-Disk, was envisioned as a sonic interstellar journey that continues Interstellar Space, Coltrane/Ali’s outstanding enterprise. It’s a risky move that couldn’t have been more successful. Taking alternative routes and orbits to reach five other planets and one star, they invite us to sonic realms where the gravity varies according to the different sites. […] Highly energizing, Retrograde is a mature conceptual work; an intense set of music that shines with brilliance.” –

ESP5013 Tiger Hatchery: Breathing in the Walls

This one just came out, so no reviews yet. Look for a review in DownBeat’s March issue.

ESP5018 Matthew Shipp Quartet feat. Mat Walerian: Sonic Fiction

“One would be hard-pressed to find a Matthew Shipp quartet recording as democratically executed as Sonic Fiction… offered as a framework of dialogic expression, a music of ideas communicated, exchanged, and put forth directly and intimately. […] Sonic Fiction marks a new phase for Shipp as its evolves from his previous outings with Walerian (and his numerous dates with saxophonist Ivo Perelman on Leo) toward a shared multivalent lingual space where musical equations are stated, re-examined, and ultimately balanced before they emerge as a new sonic terrain.” – Thom Jurek, AllMusic Guide

“Shipp does not believe in ‘jazz’ per se; the wide-ranging music he plays…will sound like jazz to many, but in keeping with ESP tradition, it subverts definitions and expectations in service of creating magic with sounds. For those unfamiliar with Walerian, the Polish reed player, who has three previous ESP recordings with Shipp, his playing will trigger a sense of wonder.” – Derk Richardson, The Absolute Sound

ESP5020 Thollem/DuRoche/Stjames Trio: Live in Our Time

“While harking to the avant-garde ‘new thing’ of six decades past, these now-spacious, now-dense, now-rambling probes of rhythm and harmony are journeys into wholly new and fertile musical territory.” – Derk Richardson, The Absolute Sound


ESP5022 Matthew Shipp: Zero

“Zero is a striking and typically uncompromising solo recording. While Shipp plays aggressive and with signature acuity on pieces like ‘Piano Panels,’ ‘Pattern Emerge’ and the title track, his ‘Abyss  Before Zero’ and the harmonically rich ‘Cosmic Sea’ display the thoughtful lyricism of Andrew Hill’s ‘70s solo albums…. Shipp has become an elder statesman on the free-jazz scene. His catalog is deep and his influence undeniable, just as Cecil Taylor and Don Pullen—firebrands from another era—had been a generation before.” – Bill Milkowski, DownBeat

“For years pianist Shipp has gone his own unconventional way. Critics have shunted him into the avant garde piano category. That’s not where he belongs. He is the sole occupant of the Matthew Shipp category. The listener with open ears will understand that individuality is the core of Shipp’s approach. The title of his new solo album, Zero, may suggest metaphysical implications. My advice is, don’t worry about metaphysical implications. Simply listen to Shipp’s keyboard mastery and the wide range of emotions in his playing—and leave categories behind.” – Doug Ramsey, Arts Journal

“Like Monk, Shipp has created his own language, what he might call a symbol system. His blues are often fragmented, leading you away from the familiar and into a house with many rooms. He can attack the keyboards as a percussionist, or play some gentle licks that would soothe a kitten. There is a logic to each piece here, and the listener can have confidence in the resolution of ideas.” – Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

ESP5023 Megumi Yonezawa/Masa Kamaguchi/Ken Kobayashi: Boundary

“Japanese expats Yonezawa, bassist Kamaguchi, and drummer Kobayashi use space and silence to riveting effect on nine originals and the standard ‘I’ll Be Seeing You.’ But like her country mate Satoko Fujii, Yonezawa can shock, occasionally sending shards and clusters exploding from the keyboard.”– Derk Richardson, The Absolute Sound

“New York-based Japanese pianist Megumi Yonezawa co-leads a sharp new trio with fellow countrymen, bassist Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Ken Kobayashi. Integrity, freedom, and an extraordinary improvisational facility are part of the group’s philosophy, and Boundary proves their individual and collective value in the process of creating spontaneously from predetermined ideas.” –

ESP5025 Fay Victor's SoundNoiseFUNK with Sam Newsome, Joe Morris, Reggie Nicholson: Wet Robots

“Vocal colossus Fay Victor has been performing otherworldly acrobatics with her pipes since the ’90s…. Wet Robots is her debut record as a leader for ESP-Disk’, and it’s a doozy. The supergroup that the improviser/lyricist calls SoundNoiseFunk—soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome, guitarist Joe Morris, and drummer Reggie Nicholson—is entirely deserving of its name; although the foursome had never played together before stepping into a Brooklyn studio for this project, their red-hot chemistry is evident from the get-go.” Brad Cohen, JazzTimes

“Victor has been singing pretty and singing wild, singing standards and improvising with the heavyweights for years in both Europe and New York.... Wet Robots, however, is her date with a hand-picked band of peers, and it will blow your ears clear out of the water.” – Will Layman, PopMatters

“Victor wields an outsized personality, and however ecstatic her group gets, the ideas she works to impart to listeners refuse to be overwhelmed by the churning backdrop.” – Dave Cantor, DownBeat editor’s pick

ESP5027 Gabriel Zucker feat. Tyshawn Sorey: Weighting

The Vinyl District review grade: A

NYC Jazz Record “Best Debuts of the Year” list

“Zucker's advanced compositional work is knotty, unpredictable, and utterly satisfying. Spinning with freshness and maturity, Weighting is put forward with a sterling avant-garde posture that reflects the artistry and commitment of the musicians involved.” –

ESP5030 Mars Williams Presents An Ayler Xmas vol. 2

“There’s mirth in the sequencing of their medleys – one track on this CD veers from a steaming rendition of ‘Love Cry’ into The Waitresses’ ‘Christmas Wrapping’ – but the performances are ferocious. Williams leads the charge, summoning an appositely hyper-emotional range of shrieks and roars from his array of saxophones while Berman’s cornet raises the ghost of Donald Ayler and keyboardist Jim Baker evokes the spacy comping of Cal Cobbs. […] This album is probably a bit too rambunctious for most family gatherings, but its committed performances transcend novelty.” – Bill Meyer, The Wire

Musicians: Megumi Yonezawa Masa Kamaguchi Ken Kobayashi Matthew Shipp / Tiger Hatchery / Thollem/DuRoche/Stjames Trio / Mars Williams / Gabriel Zucker

Compact Disk Nine CDs (ten counting the bonus lecture with Matthew Shipp's Zero)!
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