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ESP 1049

Gato Barbieri - In Search Of The Mystery
ESP 1049

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In Search of the Mystery, Gato Barbieri’s debut album as leader, was recorded March 15, 1967, on the heels of his work on Don Cherry’s famed Blue Note recordings: Complete Communion and Symphony for Improvisers. This avant-jazz masterpiece from the Argentine tenor saxophonist shows off his volatile, shrieking sound to full and unrelenting affect, fueled by the twin interweaving strings of cellist Calo Scott and bassist Norris Jones (Sirone) and Bobby Kapp’s impressionistic drum splatter. Recorded in one day, the session exemplifies the spirited energy of the times and remains distinctive and inspiring today.


Gato Barbieri: saxophone
Calo Scott: cello
Norris Jones (Sirone): bass
Bobby Kapp: drums

Track Listing


1. In Search of the Mystery / Michelle  
2. Obsession No. 2 / Cinemateque  

All compositions by Gato Barbieri
Syndicore Music (BMI)


Recorded NYC, March 15 1967
Design Coordinator: Natasha Zapotoski
Production Manager: Adam Downey
Digitally remastered by Douglas McGregor
Design by Miles Bachman

Press Quotes

“In Search of the Mystery is one of Gato Barbieri's early fiery sets. It was released on the ESP label and follows that tradition of stunningly chaotic jazz. This hit-and-run date consists of four tracks, all recorded on March 15, 1967. It is relentless, with Barbieri screaming on tenor throughout, backed by an interesting instrumental array of Sirone on bass, Calo Scott on cello, and Bobby Kapp on drums. Like most ESP dates, this is intense early cutting-edge free jazz, so much so that it continues to be in the early 21st century.” - Al Campbell


Lp / CD - ZYX
Lp, 1967, No Address given.

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