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ESP 3026

Ronnie Boykins - The Will Come, Is Now

ESP 3026

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In digipak with liner notes
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Legendary Sun Ra-bassist Ronnie Boykins stepped out on his own for his first and only release as a leader on, "The Will Come, Is Now".   He was invited by ESP in 1964 to record his own album, and in February 1974, he told ESP that he was finally ready, and the session took place later that month.  This recording not only features Boykins' solid abilities as a bassist, including his marvelous arco work, but also his talents as a composer and arranger.  In addition, one is treated to an all-natural bass sound, a rare sound during this particular era of jazz history.  In septet format, Boykins' six originals create a variety of moods and textures that not only evokes the music of Sun Ra but also reflects Boykins' own sensibilities as an artist.



Marzette Watts (engineer)
Ronnie Boykins (bass, sousaphone , bells, shaker)
Joe Ferguson (flute, soprano sax, tenor sax, shaker)
Art Lewis (percussion, drums, bells, shaker)
Jimmy Vass (flute, alto sax, soprano sax, bells, shaker
Monty Waters (alto, soprano, bells, shaker)
George Avaloz (conga, bells, shaker)
Daoud Haroom (trombone, bells, shaker)

Track Listing

1. The Will Come, Is Now

Starlight At The Wonder Inn

3. Demon's Dance
4. Dawn Is Evening, Afternoon
5. Tipping On Heels
6. The Third I

All compositions by Ronnie Boykins (Syndicore Music BMI)


Engineered by Marzette Watts
Original cover photograph by Gyda Droscher
Production Manager: Tom Abbs
Digitally remastered by Douglas McGregor
Design & Layout by Miles Bachman, Michael Sanzone and Fumi Tomita.


Press Quotes

Rather than a high-energy screamfest, the selections have loosely arranged sections, a few strong melodies, and the utilization of an interesting seven-piece unit. - Scott Yanow (AMG)

"Bassist Ronnie Boykins is perhaps best known for his work in Sun Ra's Arkestra, of which he was an intrinsic member for nearly a decade. His inimitable bass style can be heard on all of Ra's most significant recordings, and Ra had a difficult time finding someone to fill Boykins' shoes when he left the Arkestra in 1966. His 1975 self-titled release, featuring all original material, is from his post Ra period and represents one of the last great releases in the ESP-Disk catalogue. Featuring Joe Ferguson on tenor sax and flute, Monty Waters and James Vass on alto and soprano sax, Daoud Haroom on trombone, and Art Lewisand George Avaloz on percussion. Also includes various bells and hand shaken instruments played by all musicians." - Forced Exposure

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