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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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ESP 4030

New Ghost - Live Upstairs at Nick's
ESP 4030

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320 kps MP3 DRM Free
Includes artwork & liner notes
103.20 MB zipped
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In Jewel Case with liner notes
Re-mastered from origial tapes
Digital download included

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Philadelphia free jazz scene band led by Elliot Levin.

Individually, and in various combinations, they have conspired with many of the more interesting (if not innovative) musical ensembles based out of Philadelphia for the past 30 years or so...Three of the four members of the Quartet are related by blood, while certainly all four members are tied even more so by TIME, SPACE, PSYCHE, and CIRCUMSTANCE... all of which have come together over a number of years to bring about the sounds and words captured here as such form a characteristic show that occurred in Philadelphia..."Upstairs at Nick's". - Liner notes


Elliott Levin: vocals, flute, musette, soprano & tenor saxophone
Rick Iannacone: vocals, guitars
Steve Testa: bass
John Testa: drums
Jim Meneses: percussion on "Sunnyland" and "C.T."
Toshi Makihara: percussion on "C.T."
Oded Fried: percussion on "Subterranean Phil-Holy-Feast-Of-All"
Recorded in Live Upstairs at Nick's, Philadelphia (January 23, 1998)

Track Listing

1. Subterranean-Phil-Holy-Feast-Of-All
2. It's that Passing Gleam
3. Uninvited Guest
4. Psychopathology of Everyday Life
5. Eyewitness
6. Sunnyland
7. C.T. (What I'm Saying!)

All musical compositions by New Ghost. All poetry by Elliott Levin, except Sunnyland by Rick Iannacone. (2006 Syndicore Music BMI).


Album layout and design by Paul Costuros. Photographs: Roea Wallace. Live Engineer: Scottie Parker. Editing: Rodney Whittenberg & Sal Centola.

Press Quotes

"In 2006, the revived ESP label issued this 1998 live set from the quartet New Ghost. The eccentric music is at its most vital when it involves free ensemble-oriented playing as on "It's That Passing Gleam" and "C.T." Some less successful spoken word poetry sections recall Albert Ayler's erratic Impulse albums, but in general the fiery and very open music holds one's interest. Percussionists (one at a time except for two appearing on "C.T.") make guest appearances on three numbers, adding to the fire of this stirring set. Saxophonist Elliott Levin in particular deserves to be much better known." - Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

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