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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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Konitz, Cheek, Furic Leibovici - Jugendstil II
ESP 4059
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ESP 1009
ESP 1009
Bob James

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Following up the critically acclaimed 2008 release, Stéphane Furic Leibovici and Chris Cheek return for this second volume, produced by Jim Black and featuring the alto saxophone giant Lee Konitz. An achievement in balance and taste, the resulting music is so thoughtful, intent and vibrant that it need not be forced upon you. The music unfolds for the listener in the subtlest of ways, as if the composer is challenging our very notion of what will come next. Like a mediation on color and space, you begin to let go of your assumptions and allow the harmonies and structures wash over you. The interaction of Konitz with his bandmates is a delicate dance of lyrical brilliance. Criss-crossing saxophones glide through Furics intense and wide open bass work. Furics compositions fuel extended interplay as the musicians seem to bounce from one musical theme to the next. This music is the epitome of finesse. Effortless and deep at the same time.


Lee Konitz: alto saxophone
Chris Cheek: tenor saxophone
Stéphane Furic Leibovici: double-bass
Jim Black: glockenspiel, vibraphone, chimes
Dan Dorrance: alto flute, bass flute, piccolo
Joy Plaisted: harp
Maria Garcia: celesta
Chris Speed: clarinet

Track Listing

1. Odysseus Returns Home
2. Tomorrow I Shall Dance For You
3. A Music of Tranquillity
4. Float West on the Slender Current
5. A l'Ile de Fressanges
6. Les mains de Penelope
7. Phongsaly
8. Local Heroes

Press Quotes

"Double-bassist Stephane Furic Leibovici avers that he likes to be gentle with sounds and to listen to the inside of them. He is true to this philosophy on Jugendstil, where he finds solace in the quiet and the meditative; getting inspiration from classical and chamber music and using them to the full in his writing." - Jerry D’Souza

"Everything about this extraordinary album, Jugendstil, is deliberate and attains its own level of perfection." - Raul d’Gama Rose

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