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"You have never heard such sounds in you life"

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ESP 4061L

Eli Keszler - Oxtirn + Oxtirn Live
Limited Two Disk Deluxe Edition
ESP 4061

Oxtirn Live CD includes



unreleased live performance of oxtirn

hand assembled gatefold style package

designed by Eli Keszler and Ashley Paul

includes photos insert on silver paper

hand screened poster

featuring original artwork by Eli Keszler


Oxtirn CD includes:



digitally remastered sound

bonus track

graphic notation score to Oxtirn 

13" x 9.5" Full Color Poster featuring original artwork by Eli Keszler




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May June 7th

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ESP-Disk’ is proud to announce the May 17 release of Eli Keszler’s ESP – Disk’ debut Oxtirn and the unreleased Oxtirn Live on CD in a deluxe two-CD set in a limited pressing of 300 copies.



Oxtirn limited-edition deluxe release contains:

Oxtirn Live


  • an unreleased high-energy, ear altering, live performance of oxtirn
  • hand assembled gatefold style package designed by Eli Keszler printed along with Ashley Paul
  • included session photos insert on silver paper
  • hand screened poster featuring original art by Eli Keszler
  • Only 300 Copies produced


  • stunning digitally remastered sound
  • bonus unreleased middle movement
  • graphic notation score to Oxtirn 
  • 13" x 9.5" Full Color Poster featuring original artwork by Eli Keszler



Oxtirn Live

Although it is a concert version of the same notated score that produced Eli's ESP Disk' debut Oxtirn, it’s with a different instrumentation of three guitars, drums, voice, motor harp, tenor harp, bass harp, microphones, clarinet, alto saxophone, crotales, and cymbals, played by the lineup of Keszler, Paul, and Geoff Mullen. Keszler’s notation allows for interpretational freedom by the players, so while stylistically there are similarities between Oxtirn and Oxtirn Live, they don’t sound the same. Thanks to the guitars, Oxtirn Live sounds a little closer to the rock avant-garde than Oxtirn as keening high frequencies collide and intertwine, free of standard tunings, setting up ear-cleaning vibrations.This is both a sonically and visually stunning package raising the bar for both ESP and REL releases  


ESP-Disk’s 2010 limited LP release of Oxtirn sold out immediately, prompting the label to issue Eli’s masterwork for the first time on CD for global distribution. The beautifully packaged CD recreates the original album art executed and designed by Eli. Additions to the gatefold package include a six-panel foldout showing the intricately detailed musical score to Oxtirn; the other side features a new piece of original art dedicated to the CD reissue, one of Keszler’s beautiful abstract artworks. Musically, Oxtirn has never sounded better, as it was remastered for stunning high-quality digital sound. Oxtirn now includes not only the two tracks originally released on the vinyl but also the rarely heard third movement featuring Keszler plus Mori on prepared piano, making this CD the most complete-in-one-place edition of Oxtirn available.


Oxtirn has received rave reviews:

“a major work; for once i agree with the supplied hyperbole – this really does transcend genre, equally incorporating the areas-of-interest that fuel eli’s quest; brutal free jazz, scaled back euro improv, the confined roar of late 70’s no-wave/art punk, and various aspects of post-war compositional dictates …”Mimaroglu Music Sales, which also named it one of the top 20 releases of 2010

Oxtirn is an excellent introduction to Keszler’s work and, if Steven Stapleton ever updates his Nurse With Wound List, Keszler’s name should be on it.”Clifford Allen, Paris Transatlantic Magazine



ESP-Disk' has released some far-out albums in its 47 years, but Eli Keszler’s Oxtirn raises the bar. Keszler is a percussionist and composer like no other; some connoisseurs of outside music will know him from his work with the singular guitarist Jandek.Oxtirn is Keszler’s ESP-Disk' debut and most widely distributed album after prolifically self-releasing micro-edition CDRs, tapes, and vinyl via his label REL Records.


On Oxtirn, Keszler plays drums, guitar, piano, prepared piano, motors, cymbal, crotales (bowed and unbowed), snare drum, prepared/riveted sheet metal, spring harp, bass board, and microphones. He’s joined by clarinetist Ashley Paul (his partner in Aster) on two tracks, plus Andrew Fenlon (trumpet, tuba, French horn, trombone) and Sakkiko Mori (prepared piano) on one track each.


There are few musical analogies to what Keszler is doing here. It might sound like freely improvised noise, but it’s actually meticulously composed – and if you don’t believe it, you can check out his graphical-notation score for all three tracks, included on a six-panel fold-out. The Italian Futurists of the 1920s would have loved this magnificent din, so full of startling timbres and arresting textural combinations, like a cross between Xenakis and free jazz.

Oxtirn Personnel


 Eli Keszler : drums, bowed metal, crotales, guitar, prepared/riveted 4 x 10 foot sheet metal, contact microphone, spring harp, bass board, motor, prepared piano

Ashley Paul : clarinet

Andrew Fenlon : trumpet, tuba, french horn, trombone                                                     

Sakiko Mori : prepared piano

Oxtirn Live Personnel

for 3 guitars, drums, voice, motor harp, tenor harp, bass harp, microphones, clarinet, alto saxophone, crotales, cymbals

Performed by

Eli Keszler

Ashley Paul

Geoff Mullen 



Track Listing

Oxtirn Live










Press Quotes

"...fantastic solo percussion and dark matrixes of strings from this past collaborator with Jandek, with aspects of Scelsi and Dumitrescu, , Keiji Haino and Biota..... straddles 20th century avant garde thought, sound sculpture, free jazz and contemporary drone and is one of the most lovingly assembled packages to have passed through VT of late" - David Keenan (Volcanic Tongue, Wire Magazine)

"It's hard to envisage that this music has been made by just one person...the music slowly builds..the slower more textural sections are particularly striking: bowed cymbals, bells and fender rhodes give track 2 a chamber music intimacy." - Mike Barnes, Wire Magazine August 2007

Upcoming Live Dates

May 25th, 2011
Oxtirn CD Release at the Gathering of the Tribes
New York, NY
285 East 3rd St, 2nd Floor (between Ave C & D)




Eli Keszler is a composer/multi-instrumentalist based in Providence, Rhode Island. He primarily uses percussion, bowed crotales, guitar as well as invented instruments (his harps which use strings and motors) to create his sound that balances droning harmonics with shaterring acoustic sustain and fast, free rhythm, all working in balance with his integrated installations.

In addition to his solo releases, installations, visual art and performances, Eli has performed, recorded or collaborated with artists such as Phill Niblock (performing on a new work of his for Crotales and soprano saxophone with Ashley Paul), Aki Onda, Loren Connors, Jandek (I.C.A Boston and at NYU), Roscoe Mitchell (Art Ensemble of Chicago), Anthony Coleman (recording Lapidation released by New World Records), Joe Morris, Greg Kelley (Nmperign), T Model Ford, Ran Blake, Bryan Eubanks, Ashley Paul and Steve Pyne (Redhorse).

He performed in the United States premiere of Mauricio Kagel’s Der Schall at Merkin Hall in 2008 led by Anthony Coleman. He has toured internationally finishing a 6-week European tour in December of 2009, performing at Colour Out Of Space Festival in Brighton England as well as Sound-Body-Movement in Ostrave in the Czech Republic. In addition to performing over 25 other gigs in England, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Serbia. He has recently completed his second CD and his 7th release titled Tilt, which received a feature in Wire Magazine along with his duo 'Aster' LP with Ashley Paul (saxophone/clarinet/strings).

His compositions have been performed at Jordan Hall, the 1st and 2nd Church of Boston, and Boston Conservatory. He also runs the label rel records, which releases hand-made art edition LP’s, CD’s and Cassette designs. Rel has received features in Wire Magazine, Arthur Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, Spex (Germany), The Sound Projector and Blow Up Magazine (Italy). It is distributed internationally by Metamkine, Art-Into-Life, and Volcanic Tongue and in the USA by Forced Exposure and Mimaroglu Music Sales.

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