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ESP 4065

Talibam! - Cosmoplitude
ESP 4065
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320 kps MP3 DRM Free
Includes artwork
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ultra-limited edition 45rpm 7" single
brand new tracks
co-released with Electric Cowbell
Digital download included
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Cosmoplitude is a sexy, ultra-limited-edition 45rpm 7" single co-released by ESP Disk' and Electric Cowbell Records. This historic album not only marks Talibam's first-ever single and 20th record, but also ESP's first single since the '70s.

Side A's 'Cruisin the Cooke Isle' and side B's 'Cosmic Attidude' are ready for Dj spins on Milano fashion runways, in Brooklyn punk basements, or at hot tub parties from Vegas to Tibet... Ka-ching + Ohm = KA-BONE!

Cosmoplitude is a transcendent, compassionate cosmic attitude emanating from and permeating through everything -- space/places/animals/stimuli/desires/gut feelings. If you can catch on to the cosmop, the obstacle course of notated expectations, shifting brightness and energy standards, daily costume changes, uber-media-mind-chip commentary, and cultural/political flux will all suddenly transform into an inspired/extinguished altered state of disjointed iconic impressions giving birth to positive urban countenance and lavish peace.

Talibam' Cosmoplitude will improve your own personal cosmoplitude, GUARANTEED.

Co-release by ESP-Disk' & Electric Cowbell Records


Kevin Shea: drums, spds, voice

Matt Mottel: synthesizers, voice

Track Listing

1. Cruisin' the Cookie Isle
2. Cosmic Attitude

Press Quotes

"Talibam! venture up and down every block of jazz’s past, present, and future, dragging out every inspirational sound to repurpose as their own. " Justin Spicer

"...a brain-rattling demolition of the entire avant lesson plan, as those with a more academic criteria might be inclined to teach it. " - Mike Lupica, Dusted Reviews

"Ornette Coleman playing on Soft Machine's Fourth in hell... Talibam!'s brand of shitstorm skronk is grounded in more intelligent thought and dynamic group exchange than many of the more hyped transmissions from the contemporary American 'noise' underground." - Tiny Mix Tapes Dot Com

"Mottel is like Keith Emerson on a serious PCP bender, spitting out thick snarling sheets of synth buzz, spraying it like machine gun fire, melodies are tangled and complicated little knots hurled into the fray like cannonballs made out of steel string and roof nails. The sax is all over the place, adding tonal color, mad squawking, chittering chirps and deep fuzzy moans, this is a massive chaotic free for all." - Aquarius Records

"Gonzo jazz rock fusion at its most inspired." - Paris Transatlantic

ESP 4065
ESP 4065




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