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The Other Tet - The Other Tet

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The OtherTet recording is a product of long running musical relationships between unique musical personalities. Joe Morris is a prolific presence on the avant jazz scene, and here he is paired with Kwaku Kwakye Obeng, a Ghanaian master drummer at age seventeen. Obeng’s ‘virtuosity in playing is marked by lightning speed and effortless power’ and his solo at the ends of ‘Dreamsketch’ (Track 3) and ‘Look Below’ (Track 5) showcase this power as well as the completely original jazz/african drumming style. Obeng has been playing with Bill Lowe, the senior member of the OtherTet since the 1980’s. Lowe contributes tunes and playing that move across jazz genres, from the swinging, Dixie-ish ‘Naptown/Trenton’ to the more open ‘Cold Day Clip’. Taylor Ho Bynum, the fourth member of the OtherTet, has worked with Bill Lowe for over twenty years, and his mischievous playing accents and deepens Bill Lowe’s trombone/tuba work. A stew of generational and cultural influences make the OtherTet a rhythmic freight train that cuts across styles to give listeners a strong and thoughtful set of jazz.


Bill Lowe – bass trombone, tuba
Taylor Ho Bynum – cornet, flugelhorn
Joe Morris  – acoustic bass
Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng - drumset, percussion

Track Listing

1. One Other
2. Naptown/Trenton
3. Dreamsketch
4. Cold Day Clip
5. Look Below
6. Tet Two
7. Bill's Idea

Press Quotes

“A committed innovator and free improv adept, (Joe) Morris takes care not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. He is seeped in the tradition and prominently includes swing and melody in his music "as acts of defiance."- All About Jazz

Two late 2007/early 2008 sessions—Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths, featuring Bynum's own sextet, and High Definition, made as a member of bassist Joe Morris' quartet—grab the listener around both ears and haul him, a willing captive, into a maelstrom of creativity, risk-taking, rhythm, joy and laughter. – All About Jazz

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