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Yuganaut - Sharks

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Calling the three members of Yuganaut “multi-instrumentalists” is a little too easy. What is needed is some kind of word that would connote being multiple bands. Between them they could be a small brass group, an electric chamber ensemble or a straight-ahead jazz trio. But such formal confines may not leave room for the moments of playfulness or the passages of spacey psychedelia that sneak in between their evocative and highly original sounds. Between them, band members Stephen Rush, Tom Abbs and Geoff Mann play Fender Rhodes and Moog synthesizer; trumpet, trombone and tuba; bass, cello and violin; and drums, toys and didgeridoo. Does that sound streamlined? Their previous release also included mandolin, euphonium and vibes.

More important than the listing of implements is the fact that the three gentlemen of Yuganaut are more than conscientious about leaving room in the music, not just for each other but to let the music grow. Between them they can boast of Reggie Workman’s tutelage, performance with the Warsaw National Symphony and membership in the Fela-inspired Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. Which is to say there is tradition, formalism, groove and a sense of fun at play. They are at core, perhaps, a jazz band; but being a jazz band means (or should mean) that anything is possible. There’s ritual, there’s storytelling, they’re contemplative, extrapolative, expressive, even impressive. Yuganaut is not here to be pigeon-holed. They’re just here to play for you.

Yuganaut’s first album, This Musicianship, was released on ESP-Disk in 2008.


Stephen Rush: rhodes, moog, trombone, toys
Tom Abbs:
bass, cello, violin, tuba, didj.
Geoff Mann:
drums, percussion, trumpet

Track Listing

1. Breakthrough/Zhu
2. Fade to Frenzy
3. Landfill/Sharks
4. Lost in the Field
5. See Saw
6. Local Motive
7. Vger
8. Wrenchwork
9. Again, and Sweetly

Press Quotes

“Grab onto what you hold dear regarding musical assumptions then dive into this alternative – or is it the fundimental? — sonic universe, where kaleidoscopic timbres give new meaning to terms like “melody” and “harmony” while time (rhythm) is felt more than measured as a crosshatch of infinite distinct moments embodying a singular unceasing pulse…” - Howard Mandell

“Yuganaut creates genuinely unpredictable soundscapes throughout this highly diverse disc, but always with attention to organic development and flow...genuinely startling.” - Dave Lynch

"Three men - driven by an inspired and fearless abandon - who have come together to weave a sonic statement of utter brilliance." - Alex Jasperse

“You will not find a better collection of astoundingly intellectual and accomplished musicians than exists in Brooklyn’s Yuganaut. Taken on their own, the three men of Yuganaut prepare eclectic soundscapes as diverse as their own backgrounds. Together, they conjure up something entirely kaleidoscopic with an identity of its own.” – Mark Sieckman


Tour Dates

Wednesday, February 17th - Philadelphia
@ Highwire Gallery - 2040 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA
w/ Why Are We…Hear?! Trio (Elliott Levin, Alexi Papadopoulos, Gregg Mervine)
7PM - $5

Thursday, February 18th - New York
@ Issue Project Room - 232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Minerva Trio
8pm - $15

Friday, February 19th - Baltimore

@ The Wind Up Space - 12 North Ave, Baltimore MD
w/Sing Swan Song (members of Thievery Corporation)

Saturday, February 20th - Washington, DC
@ at Bossa - 2463 18th St NW, DC
w/ Ahleuchatistas (Tzadik/Cuneiform, from NC)

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