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Institute of Audio Arts


  • 2005 – “How To” Live Sound Seminar – Dale Pro Audio
  • 2004 – “REMIX LIVE” Mixer
  • 2002 – Present - Institute of Audio Research, New York, NY
  • 2001 A.E.S. Historic Committee Lecturer for “Latin Music in the 70s”
  • *2000-2001 Film Makers Educational Co-operative - Bridgeport, Cn
  • 2001 A.E.S. History of Latin Music Recording in early 1970s
  • 2001 A.E.S. “When Vinyl Ruled” Historical Committee
  • 1997 A.E.S. Panel “Theatrical Sound Design - Now and In The Future”
  • 1997 A.E.S. Tour “Backstage At the Broadway Theater”
  • 1995 AMSONG Demonstration and paper on the Effects of the Internet on Musical Copyright Holders, N.Y. and L.A.
  • 1995 SPARS White paper "SPARS On The Internet"
  • 1995 SPARS White paper "Restore The Recording Codes"
  • 1993 A.E.S. Keynote Speaker "Use of Computers in Audio Technology"
  • 1993 A.E.S. Lecturer "Use of Automation for Live Mixing"
  • 1992 L.D.I. Lecturer "Automation and Synchronization to a Live Theatrical Performance"
  • 1991 L.D.I. Lecturer "A Comparison of the Three Levels of Digital Audio Sampling"
  • 1991 A.E.S. Demonstrator "The AKAI Digital Workstation"
  • 1990 A.E.S. Lecturer "Use of Digital Samplers in the Creation and Real Time Playback of Sound Effects"
  • 1986 A.E.S. Demonstrator "A Comparative Study of Lavaliere Microphones"
  • *1980 - 1985 Center for The Media Arts, full time faculty. All courses in audio including; recording mono to multitrack; mixing for film; narration and music tape editing; video and broadcast; microphone technique for the studio and on location; machine and acoustic design and maintenance; sync systems; the business of audio (personal management and record production).
  • *1974-1981 NYU Adjunct Professor: Advisory Board Member for Music, Business and Technology Departments, Guest lecturer, Film Department
  • *1976 First sponsor for NYC Internship program in audio
  • *1973 RCA Sound Studios, Instructor for film department