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Bernard Fox Achievements

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Including SONATURE, Performance Automation, Fox's Rack 'n Roll, the Prosthetic Microphone, Perfect Score and more ( tear sheets available). Performance Automation has mixed or is mixing the following Broadway shows:

1. Victor Victoria 8. My Fair Lady 15. Translations 2. Moon Over Buffalo 9. Christmas Carol 16. An Inspector Calls 3. Will Rogers Follies 10. Taking Sides 17. Capeman 4. Hair 11. Juan Darien 18. Freak 5. Blood Brothers 12. Dream 19. Death Of a Salesman 6. The Odd Couple 13. The Life 20. Swing 7. Grease 14. Last Night at Ballyhoo 21. 42nd Street


• Used interlocked film recorders to do multitrack music recording • Interlocked the mix machine to the playback machines to have automated mixing • First to use time code • Introduced Digital Samplers to the Theater business • Introduced Digital Audio to the Theater business • Invented and first to use Head Microphone for Theater • Invented Fox's Rack & Roll, modular racking system • Invented Performance Automation, moving fader automation to mix live performances. • Currently in the Patent Process "Prioritizing Hearing Aid" • Under Development: "Method of Counting Copyrights on the Internet" • "SONATURE" Surround Sound Recording and Conversion Systems • "Freedom Entertainment" Internet Entertainment Sampler • “Lipservice” remote truck

Literate in the following computer programs and platforms:

AutoSketch, Acoustiquick, Graphics Plus, MacIntosh, Atari, PC, Cakewalk, Performer, Pereformance Automation, Protools, Voyetra, Word Perfect, Word for Windows, Quicken, Lotus123, Music Printer Plus, Simm, Waveframe

N.Y.S. Teachers License

*denotes teaching experience