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Sonature: How it Works...

Surround sound is not new. But until Sonature, no approach to recording surround sound has succeeded in enabling the listener to obtain the desired authentic memorable experience.

All previous efforts require the listener to be positioned precisely in the so-called “sweet spot,” or the special effects of surround sound are lost. However, if you attend a concert, it is not necessary to sit in the center, in the “sweet spot,” in order to hear surround sound. Everyone hears the surround sound, live. Why don’t other playback techniques capture the sound experience of being there?

Sonature liberates the listener from these constraints. When listening to a Sonature recording or mix, the Sweet Spot is so large, the listeners can sit anywhere in the play back environment and still hear surround sound, as if one were seated in the performance space. Sit anywhere in the room, concert hall, or theater, and you will experience full, rich, surround sound.

The surround sound on a Sonature recording is perfectly in phase, so there is no change in the sound quality, if folded back into stereo or mono. Play a Sonature recording and listen from the next room. You will not think there is a sound system in the adjacent room. You will think that there is a live performance taking place in that room.

With Sonature, there is a more defined left, center, right, front, rear, up, and down. Yet, with Sonature, there is an in-phase signal. Sonature can convert a stereo recording into surround sound without remixing a multi-track. And, in Sonature Surround, if you turn off the center and rear speakers, you return to the original stereo, but in greater technical quality.

As an engineer myself, I have found that very few mixing jobs are as much fun as mixing in surround sound. Most engineers, therefore, want to remix everything they can into surround sound. Yet, conventional surround remixes rarely capture the emotional or sonic quality of the original mix. Why spend a fortune to remix badly? Sonature can convert any recording into surround sound, while maintaining the emotionality of the original mix. Want to original mix back? Turn off the surround speakers and get the original mix back.

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