Holy Modal Rounders

Indian War Whoop

The year 1967 proved to be a strong point of the ’60s generation culture and the ever growing New York underground music scene.

With the likes of David Peel & the Lower East Side, The Velvet Underground, The Godz, The Fugs, and the Holy Modal Rounders. The music is reflective of the time, and would prove to be the setting of a musical foundation for the group.

Steve Weber and Peter Stampfel provided a blithe sendup of musical Americana as they mined this tradition, while introducing outrageous and zany virtuoso turns on acoustic guitar, banjo and violin. Their lyrics and vocals are uniquely their own. Their personalities were profoundly incompatible, like those of Gilbert and Sullivan. They provided the Fugs with their musical underpinnings, and they repeatedly broke up, only to reunite temporarily to record and perform for their loyal following across America. When ESP invited them to record, it was understood that they would take it as far out as they could. Peter Stampfel is outspoken in his dismay over the result, but this view is not shared by Steve Weber. - Bernard Stollman, owner of ESP-Disk'


Peter Stampfel: electric fiddle, vocals

Steve Weber: guitar, vocals

Lee Crabtree: piano, organ

Sam Shepard: drums

Antonia, Barbara & Wendy: vocals

Press Quotes

"...there is an unmistakable ingredient to the Holy Modal Rounder's music that seems appealing to folk lovers and trippers alike" - Andrew Kotick, Sputnick Reviews

"Stampfel & Weber's speed-plus-acid train flys right off the track into the world of electricity." - Weirdo Records

Musicians: Peter Stampfel / Steve Weber / Lee Crabtree / Sam Shepard / Antonia / Barbara & Wendy

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