Don Moore

Party Going on in Woodstock

Maybe you don't think of get-down funk and party music when you think of ESP-Disk', but this groovin' album will turn your head around. Don Moore is the brother of the late Jerry Moore, who appears 


Don Moore (bass, vocals) 
Jerry Moore, Chris Sigwald, Gretchen Reed, Del Long (vocals)
Gregg Arnold, Greg Minniefield (piano) 
Mike DeMicco (guitar) 
Kenny Nemiroff, Mike Ruff, Larry Smith (keyboards) 
George Leary, Dahaud Shaw (drums) 
Bill Curtis (congas) 
Marshall Shamsid-Deen (guitar, vocals) 

Track Listing

1.Party Going on in Woodstock
3."Funk" Did It
 4.Spider Woman
5.Baby, Come Back Home
6.Just Wanna Dance
 7.Island of Love


A-1 Sound Studios, NYC, 1973

Musicians: Gregg Arnold / Greg Minniefield / Kenny Nemiroff / Larry Smith / Michael Ruff / Mike DeMicco / Marshall Shamsid-Deen / Don Moore / George Leary / Dahaud Shaw / Bill Curtis / Jerry Moore / Chris Sigwald / Del Long / Gretchen Reed

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