Les Visible

Too Old To Rock And Roll

PersonnelMiddle John (g) 
Michael Madden (g, back vo) 
Franklin Stratos (b, key, back vo)
Drum Drop Willie (d)
Les Visible (vo, back vo, monologue)
Elizabeth B., Chord, Laxmi Jet, Susie Q, Shilo, Mike Welch (back vo)

Track Listing
1.Too Old To Rock And Roll2.Bottoms Up3.Frogman 4.Cactus Man 5.Outrageous 6.Speed Bumps  


Musicians: Middle John / Michael Madden / Franklin Stratos / Drum Drop Willie / Les Visible / Elizabeth B / Chord / Laxmi Jet / Susie Q / Shilo / Mike Welch

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