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Movement Soul Volume Two

A continuation from the earlier Alan Ribback work, produced by Michael D. Anderson. The CD examines untapped and historically important achievements and tragedies in the lives of a people during the Civil Rights era. This compilation presents facts on events in black history that merit their being acknowledged. Other forth coming volumes will present further historical developments that will remain an important part of American history seen and unseen. Each CD will examine different aspects of the Civil Rights Movement featuring interview footage, press releases, and music heard during the time of each theme. The production of this CD is to encourage people of all races the do more study involving the Civil Rights era and other thematic topics that also address stages of development during this era. It is hoped that people of all races will better understand the on-going struggle of African Americans and the many achievements towards the development of this country which dispel the negative connotations passed down through families for generations


Eloise Wilson, Ralph Ellison, Babs Gonzales, others

Track Listing

1.Don't Let Me Be Wrong
Elois Wilson9:102.Address to Congress
Mary McLeod Bethune (1939)5:403.Father, I stretch forth my hands
Reverend C.L. Franklin
1:474.Black Pilots Mission to Italy
William A. Campbell2:295.Behold, I make all things new
Reverend C.L. Franklin0:336.Anti-lynching bill
Helen Gahagan Douglas3:137.Take your burdens to the Lord
Joe Townsend2:098.Blacks vote in South Carolina
News Report (1948)
1:279.Rough and rocky road
The Nightingale Jubilaires2:1010.Josephine Baker makes citizen's arrest - News Report (1951)1:0111.Dewey Philips Clip
Radio Broadcast0:5712.(book) The Invisible Man
Ralph Ellison3:3113.These New York Neighbors
Babs Gonzales2:3414.Brown V. Board of Education
Thurgood Marshall2:2915.Sticks and stones
Sugarchile Robinson2:3516.1960 Sit-ins
George Simkins1:4917.The Day of the Sit-ins
Geneva Tisdale2:5818.Recalls Greensboro, N.C.
George Simkins0:5519.Sit Down Children
The Helen Robinson Youth Choir2:1220.Prayer
Unknown Preacher2:3321.1960 Texas Anti-segregation demonstration - News Report2:3622.The Lord's Prayer
Mount Hope Baptist Church Choir3:2123.1961 Greenwood, MI voter registration -Bob Moses4:4324.Day of Registration 
Fannie Lou Hamer2:0025.I'm determined
The Meditation Singers2:24

All works 2007 Syndicore Music BMI.


Back cover layout & design by SooKyung Lee. Production Coordination: George Abi-Hanna.

Press Quotes

"As a whole, the three volumes in this series are something of a museum which needs no further building other than that of your bookshelf" - Eugene Chadbourne, Signal To Noise



ESP 1056

Musicians: Eloise Wilson / Ralph Ellison / Babs Gonzales / others

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