Billie Holiday

Rare Live Recordings 1935 - 1959

During the more than twenty-five years of her career, Holiday gave an unknown number of live performances on TV and radio and in clubs and concert halls, many of which were recorded both officially and unofficially by sound engineers, fellow musicians, and fans. ESP-Disk Records, which for many years has been assembling unofficial recordings of several artists from before 1972, has released one of the most comprehensive collections of live Billie Holiday recordings to date, some previously available but most not. These Holiday recordings, laid out in chronological order, not only demonstrate the arc of Holiday’s development as a vocalist, but give a rare behind-the-scenes look into how the singer approached her musicians and her audience.


The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Teddy Wilson, Lester Young, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Stan Getz and more!

Track Listing

1. Lost my man blues1:54
2. Theme - Moten Swing0:20
3. Announcer Introduction0;25
4. Swing Brother Swing1:48
5. Announcer Introduction0:09
6. They can't take that away from me3:22
7. I cried for you2:25
8. Fine and Mellow3:31
9. Announcer Introduction1:57
10. I'll get by1:42
11. Billie's Blues4:11
12. Do nothin' 'till you hear from me3:30
13. Danny Kaye Introduces Jerome Kern who introduces Billie with her award1:15
14. I cover the waterfront3:11
15. Fine and Melow3:11
16. All of Me2:01
17.Endy gets caught playing piano2:03
18. Endy goes to Storyville1:41
19. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans1:54
20. Satchmo Talks0:43
21. Farewell to Storyville4:11
22. Farewell to Storyville (studio version)3:16
23. The Blues are Brewin'3:45
24. The man I love2:24
25. Miss Brown to you2:00
26. Lover Man2:43
27. I wonder where our love has gone3:54
28. Billie's Blues3:35
29. No More3:03
30. Good morning heartache3:30




















1. You're driving me crazy1:33
2. Maybe you'll be there3:31
3. Introduction by Donald Wood0:33
4. You'd better go now3:12
5. Them there eyes1:57
6. Lady Day and Eddie Condon Speak0:38
7. Keeps on rainin'2:46
8. Lady Day and Eddie Condon Speak0:33
9. Lover man (incomplete)2:15
10. I cover the waterfront3:02
11. All of Me2:00
12. Narration/early history0:28
13. Fine and Mellow2:56
14. Porgy2:58
15. Jam session introduction0:08
16. All of Me5:06
17. You're my thrill3:36
18. Lover come back to me2:20
19. Ain't nobody's business2:19
20. You're driving me crazy1:14
21. He's funny that way3:02
22. Miss Brown to you2:00
23. Lover Man2:16
24. Them there eyes1:38
25. My Man3:18
26. I cover the waterfront3:24
27. Crazy he calls me2:08
28. Detour Ahead2:21
29. Strange fruit3:17
30. Ain't nobody's business2:55
31. All of me1:42 




















1. Porgy3:02
2. My man2:56
3. Tenderly2:58
4. God bless the child2:29
5. My man2:57
6. Them there eyes1:53
7. Lover man2:33
8. Willow weep for me3:29
9. I only have eyes for you1:46
10. My man2:48
11. Please don't talk about me when I'm gone1:59
12. Jon McCloughland - Introduction1:11
13. I cover the waterfront3:24
14. Too marvelous for words2:13
15. Porgy3:08
16. Them there eyes1:46
17. Willow weep for me3:53
18. I only have eyes for you2:43
19. You go to my head3:26
20. Stormy weather3:33
21. Ghost of a chance3:40
22. Nice work if you can get it2:32
23. God bless the child2:52
24. Please don't talk about me when I'm gone1:53
25. Don't Explain2:40
26. Porgy2:32


















1. Fine and mellow8:47
2. What a little moonlight can do2:28
3. Foolin' myself2:29
4. Easy to remember3:29
5. Moanin' Show1:55
6. Don't Explain2:49
7. When your lover has gone2:02
8. Mort Saul - Introduction0:23
9. Ain't nobody's business3:25
10. Willow weep for me2:56
11. When your lover has gone2:14
12. God Bless the Child3:12
13. I only have eyes for you2:16
14. Good morning heartache3:52
15. Them there eyes2:19
16. Billie's blues3:31
17. What a little moonlight can do3:10
18. Travelin' light3:35
19. Lover come back to me2:05














1. I got it bad and that ain't good5:48
2. Lady Day speaks - Early history2:06
3. Just friends1:02
4. Lady Day speaks - The number 130:43
5. Ghost of a chance1:12
6. Please don't talk about me when I'm gone1:58
7. Everything happens to me3:27
8. Please don't talk about me when I'm gone2:57
9. I don't want to cry anymore1:27
10. Prelude to a kiss2:46
11. Jeepers Creepers1:42

Musicians: The Duke Ellington Orchestra / Teddy Wilson / Lester Young / Count Basie / Artie Shaw / Stan Getz and more!

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