Yximalloo is a one-man mysterious phenomenon. He has maintained obscurity, even though he has been making and recording music since the 1970's and his champions include artists as diverse as Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Momus, and members of Animal Collective.

This is Yximalloo's first recording in nine years and his first to include his one-man-band sound of guitar, laptop and vocals. It builds on his primitive trance-like rhythms mixed with offbeat pop sensibilities by way of crude electronic sampling. A true masterpiece, a modern-day Moondog off the streets of present-day Tokyo, London, NYC, and wherever you happen to be.


Yximalloo: Dell Latitude c 600
Chris Manz: Piano (track #16) 

Track Listing

1.Peter Is Back2:182.linie voezo6:193.lav, sucess & helth3:284.watabokkuri #21:085.the poete2:296.hamberged angel2:117.a slice of darkness3:258.any sense3:229.slick hands2:3610.sex and sushi #12:3711.there is a mountain (Donovan)1:1512.puja3:1913.samui Shibuya3:2514.plowed land3:2715.trial2:0116.Qabala #12:0917.big man2:4518.person to person3:0619.full it up3:1620.art of war3:2321.juju lul3:3222.men on corner2:4923.necro man3:2424.watabokkuri #21:10

All songs Sakura Wrecords (ASCAP) except Track 11, Peer International Corp. (BMI).


pStan's lyrics on 1. Cover design by Yximalloo. All other artwork by Jad Fair. Liner notes by Momus. Production Manager: Tom Abbs. Design & Layout by Miles Bachman and Fumi Tomita.

Press Quotes

"Going much deeper, stronger, and innovative, Japanese electronic performance artist Yximalloo shrugs off any semblance of conventional rock, pop ,or even 21st century modern composition to create a retrograde landscape of tape samples, keyboard, vocal and percussion sounds produced on two- and four-track analog format micro-cassette recorded machinery." - Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

"Here ESP-Disk returns to the insanity side of releases. Beats, found sounds, quirky electronics and seemingly unfinished tracks plus artwork by Jad Fair; what more could you ask for?"
- Chuck Bettis, Downtown Music Gallery

Musicians: Yximalloo / Chris Manz

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