Speed, Cheek, & Leibovici


"An elder musician, composer, and producer once told me that the job of producer on a recording session ranged from simply making coffee to writing and arranging the whole album. On this session, I have a vague memory of ordering lunch for the band, but mainly I had the luxury of sitting in the booth and enjoy listening to the music.

Stephane Furic's deceptively simple and elegant compositions pretty much played themselves, realized and colored by two of the greatest sounds on the planet, Chris Cheek and Chris Speed. My only job was to confirm the obvious great takes with the band, occasionally wanting to hear another, different version just for the sake of it. Listening to it after the fact, there is a relaxed and spacious magic to these sessions that I only now hear for the first time listening to the whole disc in context – all the more compliments to Stephane for hearing a total sound in his head, and having the instinct to choose musicians that gave him even more than he expected. Enjoy!" - Jim Black


Chris Speed: Clarinet
Chris Cheek: Tenor and Soprano Saxophones
Stephane Furic Leibovici: Double-Bass

Track Listing

1.Carter Variations I

2.Carter Variations II

3.Carter Variations III

4.Carter Variations IV

5.Carter Variations V  6.Therego  7.A Music of Tranquility  8.Daffodils  9.Three Kinds of Folks  10.Feuillage Des Gestes  11.Les Nuits De La Chapoulie  

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Composed by bassist/composer Stephane Furic Leibovici (The Twitter Machine, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry – Soul Note Records) this "trio music is based on compositional material which is developed through organic means (not repetitive means)." This session was recorded with long time collaborators Chris Speed and Chris Cheek, produced by Jim Black and recorded by Joey Marciano in NYC on June 20th, 2006.

Musicians: Chris Speed / Chris Cheek / Stephane Furic Leibovici

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