Paul Dunmall & Chris Corsano

Identical Sunsets

Best known for his collaborations with Paul FlahertyMichael Flower and Thurston Moore as well as a year-and-a-half stint as the drummer for Björk's Volta tour, Chris Corsano is widely considered to be one of the most adaptive drummers of his generation. Equally prolific is UK saxophone giant, Paul Dunmall, who has worked disparately with jazz greats like Alice Coltraneand Evan Parker as well as funk and folk acts like Johnny Guitar Watson and Dando Shaft

After a chance meeting in a taxi line at Lisbon Airport, a surreal intertwining of tours emanated. In between the lasers, confetti and face-painted fans at Plymouth Pavillions and Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Chris left the Björk mega-tour to get down to business alongside the imaginative Dunmall for some vital improvisation at Slak Bar in Cheltenham, England. 

This wonderfully recorded live set begins with Dunmall swirling away on the border pipes (he may be the preeminent improvisor using bagpipes). What follows is an impulsive and lyrical improvisation, alternatingly sparse and impossibly textured. Corsano's skittering marries perfectly with Dunmall's rapid-fire lines. The melodies are expertly uncoiled so that they remain charged whether the tempo is at full speed or crawling. The set ends furiously, leaving no doubt that this duo was fated to work together.


Paul Dunmall : tenor saxophone, border pipes
Chris Corsano : drums

Track Listing

1.Identical Sunsets5:07
2.Living Proof17:04
3.Better Get Another Lighthouse14:24
4.Out of Sight6:35


Press Quotes

"Chris Corsano is one of the most immensely talented drummers to have emerged from the recent past. Those who have witnessed the giganticism of his formal leaps in the jaws of post-avant-garde power surging, have been left slack w/ the wonder & hilarity of it all." – Byron Coley

"Chris is the hottest drummer on the planet" - David Keenan

"Paul Dunmall is one of the most accomplished reedists on the planet" - Jazz Weekly

"Dunmall is eclectic, capable on several instruments and full of wonder for the improvised form" -All About Jazz

Musicians: Paul Dunmall / Chris Corsano

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