Raymond Byron

Bond Wire Cur

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Over the course of a two-decade career, Raymond Byron Magic Raposa has recorded six albums as Castanets and another as Raymond Byron and the White Freighter and has worked with musicians ranging from Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent), and Sufjan Stevens to Liz Janes, Jana Hunter, and John McCauley (Deer Tick). Over the course of that time, his music has been called part of the New Weird America movement, freak-folk, psychedelic folk, and indie folk.

Bond Wire Cur, partly recorded during the pandemic, is as surreal and desolate and haunting as anything he’s done. Collaborators on the album are many (Cory Gray, Erik Clampitt, Pony Domer, Jason Stinson, Lauren K. Newman, Kimba Kuzas, Ron Burns, Paula Barry, Coty Dolores Miranda, Josh Cole), yet the sound of the record is stripped-down and stark. It is a crucial chapter in his career and in ESP-Disk’s Drive to Revive Weird Rock.

Side A

1. How It Ends                  1:12

2. Vaya                               1:04

3. Paris Trout                      1:49

4. Colima                              1:43

5. There in the Loam       1:53

6. Polly                                 2:41

7. Emma                               2:11

8. Cyclone Fence              1:06

9. No Joke                           1:47

10. I Don't Captain           1:24

11. Gone Rider Spur        2:02


Side B

1. Polly 2 (Sparrow)                                         0:42

2. Old Unconscious                                          1:00

3. Benediction Mountain                              1:47

4. Bond Wire Cur                                              5:06

5. Before What's Left of Our Minds Go   2:25

6. Yea That I Walk                                             1:43

7. Wings of a Dove                                           3:16

8. Lope                                                                1:11

9. Next Trick                                                       2:24

Long Playing Standard weight black vinyl Beautiful black-and-white cover art by Yuko Otomo, lettering/design by Diana K
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