New York Art Quartet

New York Art Quartet

Roswell Rudd assembled the newly formed New York Quartet for an afternoon recording session at Bell Sound Studios in midtown Manhattan. They were joined by a small, youthful appearing individual, the poet Amiri Baraka. Their engineer was the late Art Crist, an accomplished pianist. I was introduced to Lewis Worrell, Amiri Baraka and John Tchicai. The group was short lived. I heard them again 40 years later, when they reassembled for a concert at the South Street Seaport in New York City, opening for Sonic Youth at the invitation of Thurston Moore. -- Bernard Stollman


Roswell Rudd: trombone
John Tchicai: alto sax
Lewis Worrell: bass
Milford Graves: drums,percussion
Amiri Baraka: recitation on #2

Track Listing

1.Short8:222.Black Dada Nihilisus3:373.Sweet8:244.Rosmosis4:565.Untitled9:536.No. 68:07

Compositions by Roswell Rudd (ESP Disk' Ltd. ASCAP & Roswell Music BMI) except track 6 by John Tchicai (ESP Disk' Ltd. ASCAP) and track 2 by Amiri Baraka (ESP Disk' Ltd. ASCAP).


Recorded on November 26, 1964 at Bell Sound Studios, NYC. Engineering by Art Crist. Original cover illustration by Saul Stollman. Digital remastering by Douglas McGregor. Design & Layout by Miles Bachman & Peov. 

Press Quotes

"Cooking through contradiction, the New York Art Quartet cut some of the most powerful music in the free jazz underground." - Clifford Allen, All About Jazz

"The rep of this LP as a touchstone in any respectable library of free jazz remains ironclad. Now, as at the time of its pressing, the music looks beyond such celebratory canonization and stands on its own terms." - Derek Taylor, Bagatellen



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Musicians: Roswell Rudd / John Tchicai / Lewis Worrell / Milford Graves / Amiri Baraka

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