The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band

Smoke Dreams

PersonnelJim Conway (hca, kazoo, vo) 
Jim Niven (p, pedal org)
Mick Fleming (bj, mand, g, vo) 
Dave Hubbard (g) 
Peter Inglis (g, vo) 
Peter Scott (tea chest b)
Mic Conway (wbd, uke, vo)

Track Listing1.I Can't Dance (I Got Ants In My Pants) 2.My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes 3.Nagasaki  4.Sophisticated Mama 5.Mobile Line 6.France Blues  7.Hotsy Totsy (Everything Is)  8.Who Walks In When I Walk Out  9.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter  10.After You've Gone  11.That Cat Is High  12.Smoke Dreams Of You  

Quadraphonic Sound Studios, Nashville, TN, probably recorded before November, 1972, released 1973

Musicians: Jim Conway / Jim Niven / Mick Fleming / Dave Hubbard / Peter Inglio / Peter Scott / Mic Conway

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