Tiger Hatchery

Sun Worship

Chicago power-jazz trio Tiger Hatchery proudly comes out of the ESP-Disk' free jazz tradition, as saxophonist Mike Forbes's playing makes clear, but there's an added noise-rock edge, especially in Ben Billington's aggressive drumming, that keeps the sound modern. Bassist Andrew Scott Young does much more than lay down the bottom, emerging as a fully equal member of their glorious cacophony. This is one of the most powerful albums in the storied 50-year history of ESP-Disk', and that's saying something! Liner notes by John Olson of Wolf Eyes.


Mike Forbes: saxophones

Andrew Scott Young: basses

Ben Billington: drums

Track Listing

1.Chieftain8:432.Sonic Bloom7:033.Grand Mal15:30

Press Quotes

"One of the best openings in music I’ve heard this year happens on 'Chieftain,' the first of three tracks on Sun Worship, a short and to-the-point CD by the young Chicago free-jazz band Tiger Hatchery. There's no lead-in, no windup: It's as if all members were running as hot as possible, frozen in time, and then unfrozen: Blam, drums and cymbals under attack, tenor saxophone gasping, electric bass on extreme low judder. Sun Worship is released on ESP-Disk, the imprimatur of some of the best New York free jazz in the early- and mid-'60s, but it feels different, especially after the initial onslaught, through its various episodes of velocity and mood. Andrew Scott Young, the bassist, uses the rugged tone you'd associate less with jazz than, say, the Jesus Lizard's David Wm. Sims; the tenor player Mike Forbes and drummer Ben Billington have 50 years of free jazz from around the world, as well as nearly that much of improvised noise, to assimilate. They bring these three pieces home rather elegantly, and begin the other two much more softly. But I’m fine with the record's first five seconds." - Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

"Right away, it smacks you. The opening 'Chieftain' attacks with the explosiveness of Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman's frenzy and John Coltrane's scream, and doesn't let up until the closing 'Grand Mal' fades to silence. Saxophonist Mike Forbes rages like Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker and John Butcher all morphed into one being, while Ben Billington's drums recall the pace of Rashied Ali and Han Bennink's solid insanity. Andrew Scott Young employs both electric and amplified stand-up bass for a sound that's as much Alan Silva and Peter Kowald as it is Chuck Dukowski and David Wm. Sims. Sun Worship is in-your-face brutality, an all-out assault on your preconceived notions of music." - Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover

"Tiger Hatchery, a trio from Chicago, fits in the lineage of free jazz squonk that launched ESP, but their m.o. is born more out of a love of pure noise than the extreme blues and spiritual elements of Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders or Marion Brown." - Mike Shanley,Blurt

"I thought, these motherfuckers are playing with the violence of European free jazz, but also birthing tuned, full-bodied edifices of sound that encapsulate the audience in the nearly tangible environment of their sustained harmonic interplay. I'm talking repetitive, prolonged interactions that were captivating in the way 60s minimalist performances were experiential."– Critilogues

"The classic jazz trio is turned upside down and wrung out for all the noise shred it can muster." – KillingBirds

Musicians: Mike Forbes / Andrew Scott Young / Ben Billington

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