GULFH of Berlin

GULFH of Berlin

Gschlössl, Ullmann, Leipnitz, and Fink improvise as composers would do. From scratch they create a holistic sound sculpture – each time unique and unpredictable – always with a formal approach. Haves was invited to create with them using analogue electronics. In the moment and without overdubbing he becomes the fifth element in GULFH of Berlin.

Gebhard Ullmann - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Gerhard Gschlössl - trombone, sousaphone; Johannes Fink - double bass, cello; Jan Leipnitz - drums, objects; Michael Haves - live sound processing. All compositions by Gebhard Ullmann, Gerhard Gschlössl, Johannes Fink, Jan Leipnitz, and Michael Haves.

Recorded March, 6th 2018 at Low Swing Studio, Berlin.

Engineer: Guy Sternberg. Mixed and mastered 2019 by Michael Haves at The Cop Shop, Berlin.

Cover art by Yoko Otomo. Photos by Cristina Marx. Design by Diana K.

Produced by GULFH of Berlin for ESP-Disk’.

Track Listing:

1. Nether 5:00

2. K3 3:21

3. Joja Romp 4:45

4. GG 2:28

5. Tellus 4:43

6. Serenade 4:01

7. Prisoner's Dilemma 4:06

8. Mann aus dem Himmel 2:59

9. 5 Elements 5:00

10. Jeton 7:03

Press Quotes: “[Ullmann] has what critic Bill Shoemaker has called a 'razor-sharp diction' but he's also fluent in the smeary, loose-fitting phraseology that distinguishes the last quarter century of American reed work. He knows when to pull which tool out of the chest, and he uses the many devices at his disposal as means to an end, shaping his improvisations like a sculptor.” — Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader

“Few improvising artists can boast the stream of creative ideas that seem to bubble from Gebhard Ullmann. Ullmann focuses on the fundamentals of improvised jazz: melody, sound, syncopation and technical excellence, but what makes his writing and playing so successful is his seemingly neverending innovative nature: without grasping for neoteric straws, Ullmann's performances are grounded in the past but plunge forward deliberately toward modernity. Ullmann leaves the strong mark of a disciplined sculptor of sound, who speaks his own compelling language.” — Steve Loewy, Cadence

Musicians: GULFH of Berlin

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