Erica Pomerance

You Used To Think

Erica Pomerance is a Canadian documentary film maker, poet and singer songwriter. In December, 1968, she assembled a diverse group of musicians to record her debut album, with engineering by Onno Scholtze. The late Trevor Koehler played alto sax. Gail Pollard, now also deceased, played flute. Dion Grody, Lanny Brooks and Craig Justen, of Octopus fame, assisted. Billy Mitchel, the legendary guitar virtuoso, Don Coopersmith, Ron Price on lead guitar, Richie Heissler on rhythm guitar, and Tom Moore on flute, an eclectic mix of classical, improvisational, folk and rock musicians.


Erica Pomerance, Trevor Koehler, Gail Pollard, Dion Grody, Lany Brooks, Craig Justen, Billy Mitchel, Don Coopersmith, Ron Price, Richie Heissler, and Tom Moore

Track Listing

1.You Used To Think2.The Slippery Morning3.We Came Via4.The French Revolution5.Julius6.Burn Baby Burn7.Koanisphere8.Anything Goes9.To Leonard from the Hospital

All words and music by Erica Pomerance except for lyrics of Burn Baby Burn by Lee N. Bridges (ESP-Disk' Music, ASCAP)


Recorded December, 1968
Cover Art: David Syversen; Back Photo: Tetsu Okuhara
Producer: Tom Willis; Sound Recording: Onno Scholtze
Back Cove Graphics: Michael Behn
Production Manager: Tom Abbs
Digitally rematered by Douglas McGregor
Design & layout by Miles Bachman & Fumi Tomita

Press Quotes

"Pomerance shook things up, taking what she wanted, dissecting the past and reconstructing her own tightly woven original folk blast. Groovy flutes, buzzing sitar, minimalist piano, bongos, sax squawk, and tambourines create a vision-drenched psychedelic stew -- with Pomerance's voice wavering over the surface like a skipping stone." - Cary Loren  (Blastitude)

"You Used To Think is one of those rarities of pure inspiration that rates up there with first platters by the MC5, Stooges, Fugs, Velvet Underground, Silver Apples, Godz, Pearls Before Swine, etc... a classic '68 underground album: a collage of fucked-up eastern ragas, jazz, and atonal folk rock, delivered in a beautiful, raspy, feverish, drug-induced howl, featuring the poetry and singular voice of Erica Pomerance. ESP produced more than its share of outsider visions and here was an album more like a situation, that peeked inside and outside the bullcrap of the music world and the various genres it endlessly pumps out." - DIMMU BORGHILD

Musicians: Erica Pomerance / Trevor Koehler / Gail Pollard / Dion Grody / Lany Brooks / Craig Justen / Billy Mitchel / Don Coopersmith / Ron Price / Richie Heissler / Tom Moore

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