Slavonic Cappella Ensemble

Music From The Orthodox Liturgy

PersonnelLudmilla Azova (soprano voice) 
Tamara Bering (alto voice) 
Alexis P. Fekula (cond)

Track Listing
1.The Great Litany2.First Antiphon: "Bless My Soul, O Lord"3.Second Antiphon: "Praise The Lord, O My Soul" 4.O Only Begotten Son  5.The Beatitudes  6.O Come Let Us Worship   7.Trisagion   8.Cherubimic Hymn   9.The Nicene Creed   10.The Anaphora (A Mercy Of Peace)   11.Worthy In Truth (Hymn To The Theotokos)   12.The Angel Cried (Hymn To The Theotokos)   13Litany Of Petitions   .14The Lord's Prayer   15.How Good It Is - Psalm 132(133)   16.Blessed Is He That Cometh   17.The Many Years   

Musicians: Ludmilla Azova / Tamara Bering / Alexis P. Fekula

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