Joe Morris


The great improvising guitarist, Joe Morris, returns with Luther Gray on drums and adds the masterful string section of Katt Hernandez on violin and Junko Fujiwara Simons on cello for his follow up to 2009's ESP 4056 Colorfield. Drawing inspiration from the assembly of tones in film and photography, Morris leads his quartet in stopping time to highlight the value and unpredictable sensation that each moment offers and the pleasure in exploring the layers of experience and form contained within them. "As improvising musicians we function somewhat like a camera, displaying the moment in sound." Joe Morris, July 2010



Joe Morris: guitar

Luther Gray: drums

Katt Hernandez: violin

Junko Fujiwara Simons: cello

Track Listing

1.Person in a Place
2.Street Scene
 3.Angle of Incidence
 4.Evocative Shadow
 5.Patterns on Faces
 6.Reflected Object

Press Quotes

"[Joe Morris is] one of the most profound improvisors at work in the U.S." Will Montgomery, The Wire

". . . the most exciting and original jazz plucker to emerge in the last decade." John Corbett, Downbeat

“A student of Joe Manieri, Katt [Hernandez] plays in a style that flies through the valley separating new music and free jazz, like a hive of cunning bees. Great inventions." Bryon Coley and Thurston Moore, Arthur No. 32

“[Katt Hernandez] is a master of microtonal music” Gordon Marshall, All About Jazz

Musicians: Joe Morris / Luther Gray / Katt Hernandez / Junko Fujiwara Simons

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