Gabriel Zucker


Zucker's first ESP-Disk' album, Evergreen (Canceled World) (ESP5017), was made with his big band, The Delegation. His second is a quartet, with Delegation members Adam O'Farrill and Eric Trudel joined by acclaimed drummer Tyshawn Sorey. A suite inspired by Rachel Kushner's novel The Flamethrowers,Weighting is a spacious mix of composition and improvisation, frequently intimate — sometimes consisting of just intertwined sax and trumpet lines —but occasionally punctuated with rowdy outbursts or densely woven passages.

Track Listing:

1. Would It Come Back To You?

2. The Uselessness of Truth / Not To Be Anything More

3. The Stream of New York / and art, of course

4. Missing Our Appointments With Each Other

5. What's left (when we are always honest) / The Future Was A Place

6. a movie, a lover

7. Dissimulation / Not Knowing It At The Time

8. the stones in my pockets



Gabriel Zucker: piano, compositions; Tyshawn Sorey: drums; Adam O'Farrill: trumpet; Eric Trudel: saxophone


The Vinyl District review grade: A

NYC Jazz Record “Best Debuts of the Year” list

“Zucker's advanced compositional work is knotty, unpredictable, and utterly satisfying. Spinning with freshness and maturity, Weighting is put forward with a sterling avant-garde posture that reflects the artistry and commitment of the musicians involved.” –

Musicians: Delegation / Gabriel Zucker

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